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Explore a bathroom inspired by king-of-beasts boldness.
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Andrea Ladstätter Fashionary Sketches

Andrea Ladstätter is Austrian by nationality but Eurasian by blood. She is currently studying in the Fashion Design program at the LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, aspiring to excel in the industry of haute couture design. She first discovered Fashionary when giving it as a gift to a friend. She then get one for herself and now continue to conceptualise and design plenty of illustrations using Fashionary.

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Dreams do come true. You have to keep at it, keep faith & work hard, very very hard and earn it.
This is my very first design that came to life. My own creation, a lot of work went into this dress, from its conception to trying different variations of the design to the actual detailed work all done by hand. It was surreal when it finally came together. My dream is to design couture. #fashion #design #myfirstgown #donebyme #fashiondesigner #fidm #princessproject #fashionsdiamonds #onmyway #dreams #mylife #mypresent #myfurure #goals #passion #hardwork #creative #elegance #princess #couture&diamonds

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Gold Master Key on White by The Orange 7 on Flickr.
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